XVM Updater 2.9 — Automatic installation / update XVM FULL

XVM Updater — the free program is taken with EU of a forum and intended for automatic installation of favourite extended visualization mod by all. More to you won’t have suffered with though not difficult, but quite dreary installation. The application automatically installs all; you do not even need to specify the folder where to throw the configs, of course, if you do not install World of Tanks is not by default.


After program installation, there will be a created label your XVM 9.6 will work at a desktop through which config.

Installing the software:
Download and run the prog.
Select now the correct version of XVM and config, then press the button on the Install / Update

Download XVM Updater:

XVM_Updater (630 KB)
Download XVM

15 thoughts on “XVM Updater 2.9 — Automatic installation / update XVM FULL

  1. Endyo

    When I set useStandardMarkers to true, it is supposed to use the standard markers which adjust for colorblind mode right? Why does this only seem to work when I use the default installation? When I try to use the installation that has WN7 on it, it just overrides that change and shows the standard XVM marker colors…

  2. j_landram@yahoo.com

    Downloaded and will not run in game, using Windows Vista? My other computer the xvm works with Windows 7? The folders are the the res mod files, do not know what else to do? Please help! Thanks, Joe

  3. The_Ghghp

    Hey guys I just figured out that I doesn’t work on some computers. I don’t think it is compatible with windows XP or Vista or lower, try j1mB0’s version on the dropbox

  4. Esperanza

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