XVM Configuration Editor

Online editor of configurations of XVM
The visual online editor of configurations of XVM who is necessary for faster, exact, thin control and editing of the main config of XVM XVM.xvmconf.
With the help of this online editor configs you can find the options for displaying animations, logs, statistics, etc.

Full version

ColorWizard — the excellent tool by means of which it is possible quickly and to pick up easily the necessary color combinations for control of a config of XVM.

5 thoughts on “XVM Configuration Editor

  1. Mikko

    Bad website design!

    I can’t see the image in the editor, as half of the screen area is not in use (huge borders in the website) and the rest is in two columns. So I can adjust the settings, but have no idea what they do, as the image is not seen, but under the text in the right column at the moment.

    Great work….

    Oh, and my resolution is 1920 x 1200, so it is not that.

  2. Mike

    The koreanrandom editor is greate!!!

    Still i can”t finde the way to configur the players name , above the tank, with no need to pres ALT.



    Hey, i am having problems with XVM, when i edit/configure it says that my driver is not compattible with the changes that i have made, Is there any driver that i can download?


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