[9.18] XVM Config 6.6.4 by J1mB0

J1mB0's XVM Config 22

“J1mB0″ – the most popular player in the EU / NA server. He created the stunning sights, icons for World of tanks. Now we present to your attention XVM Config by J1mB0 for World Tanks 0.9.18.

J1mB0's XVM Config 2 J1mB0's XVM Config 1 J1mB0's XVM Config

XVM modes include Minimap, HitLog, PlayerPanel and a custom DamagePanel.

How to install:

Download and unzip the archive

Install the “XVM.ttf” font from the “font” folder

Copy & paste the “res_mods” folder to: /World of Tanks/


J1mB0s-XVM-Config-v6.6.4 (7 Mb)

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