[] XVM Config by Bones

Here is one more XVM config for you from Bones. It has such features:

– WN8 player stats

– WN6 player stats

– Minimap with Max Draw Range, view range circle for all tanks, angles.

– Minimap that can changed within the config

– Your and Enemy HP

– Battle result

– Damage log

– Enemy “Spotted” markers

– Multi-lined or Single-line tank carousel

– Zoom mod (2-4-8-16-20-30)

shot_1427_zpsc15e5fbb HPinBars_zpsbc2f434c BonesXVMConfigBOTTOM_zpsc6a77b63 BonesXVMConfigMIDNEW_zps284f708b (1) BonesXVMConfigMIDNEW_zps284f708b BonesXVMConfigTOP_zps9eb97ba7 (1) BonesXVMConfigTOP_zps9eb97ba7


Bones XVM Config (No Stats) (9 MB)

Bones XVM Config (Wn8 & HP in Panels) (9 MB)

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