XVM 6.9.0 for WOT 9.20


  • Training polygon: temporarily disabled. Run the client in “no modifications” mode to enter this mode.
  • Windows XP: crash the client when going into battle if the graphics mode is set to “standard”.


  • World of Tanks 9.20
  • updated capture bandwidth


  • The following options are implemented:
  • “icon set” / “vehicleMarkerAllyAtlas”
  • “icon set” / “vehicleMarkerEnemyAtlas”


  • changed the names of the macros for the account panel (see py_macros_en.txt)
  • battleLabels: event added:
  • ON_MY_HP_CHANGED – triggered when the HP of the current tank is changed


  • Added options in the “userInfo” section:
  • “profileStartPage” – the initial page of the current user’s achievements
  • “contactsStartPage” – the initial page of achievements of other players
  • removed the “userInfo” / “startPage” option


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