XVM 6.8.1 for

Full changelog

  • XVM-6.8.1:
    – Training polygon: temporarily disabled. Run the client in “no modifications” mode to enter this mode.
    –  Windows XP: crash the client when going into battle if the graphics mode is set to “standard”.
    – World of Tanks 9.19.1 micropatch 1
    – Fixed display for players who had a comment
    – Fixed possible reset of carousel settings after battle
    – Implemented a WoT client search for Linux and macOS
  • XVM-6.8.0:
    – The training ground temporarily does not work and is disabled
    – Crash the client when entering the battle if the operating system is Microsoft Windows XP.
    – World of Tanks
  • [XFW]
    – Client compatibility with python-debuggers based on PyDebugAttach (for example, Microsoft PTVS)
    – Macro {{type-shell-key}} is added
    – Added macros:
    {{Battletype-key}} – name of the key of the current battle type table
    {{Premium}}, {{my-premium}} – ‘premium’ for premium equipment, empty – for conventional
    {{HasBadges}} – ‘true’ if at least one player in the team has a badge, otherwise empty
    {{Friend}} – the player is on the Friends list
    {{Ignored}} – the player is in the ignore list
    {{Muted}} – the player is locked chat for the duration of the current battle
    {{Chatban}} – the player has been blocked by IM globally moderators
    – Added parameter “selfIconColor” – the color for the arrow of the selected tank
  • [HANGAR]
    – The {{battletype-key}} macro can be used in the hangar
    – Added macros:
    {{V.rankCount}} – rank obtained in ranking battles for the tank
    {{V.rankSteps}} – the number of completed steps to the next rank on the tank
    {{V.rankStepsTotal}} – the total number of steps to the next rank on the tank
    – Improved automatic location of WoT client
  • [OTHER]
    – Deleted the function of the company mode (in connection with the removal from the client)


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