XVM 6.7.3 for WOT

What’s new in XVM 6.7.3 ?


    • World of Tanks, a micro patch dated June 8, 2017


  • Added the option “hangar / hangarType” with the values: none (default), “premium” and “basic”
  • Added a section “hangar / camera” with the parameters:
  • “MinDistance” – the minimum distance
  • “MaxDistance” – maximum distance
  • “StartDistance” – initial distance
  • “ZoomSensitivity” – camera approach sensitivity (less – slower)
  • Sorting the parameters in the hangar.xc file
  • Fixed the work of the option “defaultBoughtForCredits”
  • Fixed display of free experience in the research window


  • Fixed the work of the macro {{my-frags}}
  • Fixed disappearance of the tank’s contour highlighting
  • The effect of markers on technique on performance has been reduced


  • Minimized the effect of the “autoReloadConfig” option on performance
  • Using the client language to localize py_macro xvm.formatDate
  • Correcting compatibility errors with Windows XP and Wine

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