XVM 6.6.0 (WoT 0.9.18)

What’s new in XVM 6.5.5 ?


  • adaptation to World of Tanks 9.18


  • part of the functionality (ping, XInput) was moved from XVM to XFW
  • partially switch to .wotmod packages format
  • XFW can now be used without XVM


* Updated avaliable parameters list (tooltips.xc)


  • * ‘alive’ value of a macro {{my-alive} } is renamed into ‘al’
  • * added macroses {{wn6}}, {{xwn6}}, {{r}}, {{c:wn6}}, {{c:xwn6}}, {{c:r}}


* totalEfficiency: added the macros {{py:xvm.totalStun}}, {{py:xvm.isStuns}}, {{py:xvm.numberStuns}}


  • added new function – widgets in login and lobby
  • currently only “extrafields” widget type implemented
  • configuration files: widgets.xc, widgetsTemplates.xc
  • referenced from login.xc, hangar.xc


  • “layer” parameter can be used in the battleLabels


  • * improvements in WoT client path detection


  • clock in the hangar is moved to widgets
  • removed config file “clock.xc” and references
  • removed userInfo/sortColumn option, build in since 0.9.18


  • added “stunMarker” settings for stun marker


  • added settings “fields”/”infoImg”
  • parameters “textFormat” and “shadow” added in the text fields settings in section “fields”

Download XVM 6.6.0

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