XVM 6.1.2 (WoT client

What’s new in XVM 6.1.2?

— adaptation to WoT

— config loading refactoring
— new options:
“crewReturnByDefault” – return crew check box is selected by default
“enableEquipAutoReturn” – removable equipment auto-return (Camouflage net, Stereoscope, Toolbox)
“minimap”/”showCameraLineAfterDeath” – show camera line after death
“minimap”/”minimapAimIcon” – path to icon for arty aim
“hangar”/”blockVehicleIfNoAmmo” – make vehicle not ready for battle if less than 20% ammo loaded
“minimap”/”minimapAimIconScale” – scale factor for the minimap aim icon
— option “playersPanel”/”removeSquadIcon” moved into panel mode settings (sections “short”, “medium”, “medium2″, “large”)
— removed obsoleted option “fragCorrelation”/”hideTeamTextFields”

Download XVM 6.1.2

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