XVM 6.1.1

What’s new in XVM 6.1.1?

— in extrafields in the players panels added “enabled” parameter with global macros support

— added section hangar/serverInfo for changing server info visibility
— added parameters in carousel config: fields/statusText and fields/clanLock
— performance optimization and some bugfixes
— added macros {{xr}}, {{c:xr}}, {{a:xr}} – same as {{r}} but always in XVM Scale
— new option: “suppressCarouselTooltips” – suppress the tooltips in carousel
— macro {{language}} renamed to {{flag}}, flags images folder renamed from “lang” to “flags”
— added embedded font ‘vtype’ with vehicle types symbols
— new option: “showAliveNotFrags” – show quantity of alive instead of dead in frags panel.
— added sorting criterion for carusel: premium * changing status of gold/free exp locks updates their availability in open windows
— in hangar tooltips added elevation arc limits for side and rear directions of the tank

Download XVM 6.1.1

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