XVM 6.1.0 (WoT client 0.9.7)

What’s new in XVM 6.1.0?

— XVM-6.1.0:

— adaptation to WoT 0.9.7
— XFW-3.0.0
— per-vehicle rating (xTE) enabled ({{xte}}, {{c:xte}}, {{a:xte}} macros)
— new carousel macros {{v.xte}} and {{v.c_xte}} for per-vehicle rating
— new option userInfo/showXTEColumn – Show xTE column in the vehicle list
— added new section in config hangar/tooltips.xc, where you can choose desired tooltips for each type of vehicle
— in tank tooltips added feature of custom text and camo coefficients data
— in barracks added nation flag for tanksman and their skills
— added embedded fonts: ‘xvm’ (symbol) and ‘mono’ (monospace), recommended for default use
— new options: “enableGoldLocker” – enable locker for gold “enableFreeXpLocker” – enable locker for free XP “defaultBoughtForCredits” – Use credits instead of gold as default currency for ammo and equipment “combineIcons” – in tank tooltips combine icons of equipment and optional modules “hideBottomText” – in tank tooltips hide text at bottom showing quantity of used equipment etc.
— new macro {{.}} for config value substitution: {{.path.to.config.value}} ex. {{.language}}, {{.def.mycolors.ally}}
— new macro {{ally}} returns ‘ally’ for ally team and empty for enemy team
— new macro {{nation}} returns vehicle nation
— added new feature of sorting tanks in carousel from config (carousel.xc)
— in battle, in HE tooltip added explosion radius
— option hangar/autoPutPreviousCrewInTanks renamed to hangar/enableCrewAutoReturn
— when enableCrewAutoReturn enabled, the checkbox is shown in the hangar for enabling/disabling crew auto return. Checkbox settings are stored for each tank separately.
— added macros {{r}}, {{c:r}}, {{a:r}} – player’s rating (type of rating can be selected in the personal cabinet: http://www.modxvm.com/)
— added macro {{r_size}} – size of the {{r}} macro value (can be useful for fields formatting)
— macros renamed: {{rating}} => {{winrate}} {{t-rating}} => {{t-winrate}} * colors and alpha sections renamed: “rating” => “winrate”

Download XVM 6.1.0

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