XVM 5.3.0

What’s new in XVM 5.3.0?

– dynamic circles on the minimap. Options: minimap/circles/artillery – maximum range of fire for artillery minimap/circles/shell – maximum range of shooting for autocannon and semi-automatic cannon minimap/circles/view – view distance (dynamically changes when switching binocular telescope) minimap/circles/major – removed, replaced with “view” section Omegaice’s code was used for this component
– new options in playersPanel for extra text fields
– new options in playersPanel for frags formatting
– new option playersPanel/startMode for initial players panels mode * new option battle/allowHpInPanelsAndMinimap – enable {{hp}}, {{hp-ratio}}, {{hp-max}} macros in players panels and minimap. WARNING: performance expensive

– new macros: {{frags}} – current frags {{alive}} – ‘alive’ for alive, ” for dead {{battletier}} – guessed current battle tier {{squad-num}} – squad number or null if not in squad
– macros extended: {{hp:XX}} and {{hp-max:XX}} return value normalized to XX for current battle tier ex.: {{hp:300}} – will return 300 for HP=700 at tier-5 battle, and for HP=3000 at tier-11 battle.
– macros extended: value replacement – {{macro?rep}} ex.: “alpha”: “{{alive?80|0}}” – set alpha to 80 for alive and 0 for dead * changed value of macro {{squad}} from ‘1’ to ‘sq’
– removed macro {{vehicle-type}} as duplication of {{vehicle}}
– removed macro {{vehicle-name}} as duplication of {{vehiclename}}
– removed macro {{short-nick}} and option minimap/nickShrink as replaced by {{nick%.5s}}

Download XVM 5.3.0

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