XVM 5.0.2

What’s new in XVM 5.0.2?

– new options:
battleResults/showTotals – Show totals for your battle efficiency in first page
hangar/hidePricesInTechTree – Hide price button in tech tree
hangar/masteryMarkInTankCarousel – Show mastery mark in tank carousel
hangar/masteryMarkInTechTree – Show mastery mark in tech tree
userInfo/showExtraDataInProfile – Show extra data in profile (experimental)

– added macros: {{wn6}}, {{wn8}, {{c:wn6}}, {{c:wn8}}, {{a:wn6}}, {{a:wn8}}, {{xwn6}}, {{xwn8}}, {{c:xwn6}}, {{c:xwn8}}, {{a:xwn6}}, {{a:xwn8}},
– macros {{wn}}, {{c:wn}}, {{a:wn}}, {{xwn}}, {{c:xwn}}, {{a:xwn}} are deprecated
– login screen: input fields accept only the required characters
– localization: added Chinese(Taiwan), Malay and Portuguese languages [OTHER]
– changed vehicle names format in config

Download XVM 5.0.2

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