XVM 5.0.2 test 2 (WoT client 0.8.10)

What’s new in XVM 5.0.2-test 2?

– localization: added Malay language
– new options:
hangar/masteryMarkInTankCarousel – Show mastery mark in tank carousel
hangar/masteryMarkInTechTree – Show mastery mark in tech tree
hangar/showExtraDataInProfile – Show extra data in profile (experimental)

Download XVM 5.0.2 test 2

One thought on “XVM 5.0.2 test 2 (WoT client 0.8.10)

  1. TechnoSarge

    All versions prior to 5.0.2 worked for me; however, 5.0.2 Test 1 and Test 2 do not give me a hitlog, icons in the team line-ups showing tank types by color, a center of view in the minimap, reload timer, or time of flight for arty shells – basically, all I’m getting is a range circle on the minimap.

    Are these known problems?


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