XVM 5.0.0-test 5

What’s new in XVM 5.0.0-test5?

– possibility of editing format of vehicle info field in squad window:
– ability to configure different sets of icons to the left and right panels, markers of allies and enemies:
iconset/battleLoadingAlly, iconset/battleLoadingEnemy – for battle loading
iconset/playersPanelAlly, iconset/playersPanelEnemy – for players panel
iconset/statisticFormAlly, iconset/statisticFormEnemy – for Tab window
iconset/vehicleMarkerAlly, iconset/vehicleMarkerEnemy – for vehicle markers
– localization: added Serbian language

– squad: added macros {{level}}, {{rlevel}}, {{vtype}}, {{battletier-min}}, {{battletier-max}}

– squad: removed options “romanNumbers”, “leftLvlBorder”, “rightLvlBorder”
– renamed fields in iconset: “battleLoading”, “playersPanel”, “statisticForm”, “vehicleMarker”

Download XVM 5.0.0-test 5

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