XVM 4.1.0 (WoT client 0.8.7)

What’s new in XVM 4.1.0?

– new options:
login/pingServers/showPingOnGameLoading – show ping during game loading, before login screen
userInfo/showFilters – show tank filters
userInfo/filterFocused – set the default focus to the filter text input
userInfo/sortColumn – number of column for sorting
1 – Level, 2 – Type, 3 – Nation, 4 – Name, 5 – E, 6 – Fights, 7 – Wins, 8 – Class mark
Sort order: >0 – default, <0 – inverse
hangar/xwnInCompany – show XWN instead of XEFF in company windows
language – language used in mod (support translation files in xvm/l10n/)
hangar/widgetsEnabled – enable hangar widgets. Currently, only clock is available.
–  minimap: new label types – wrecks, teamkillers, lost allies
– localization: XVM now using external files for translation
– localization: new belarusian, ukranian and czech translations
– snippets – extended battle elements settings. battle/elements section was changed.
details is here: http://www.koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/1761-snippets/ (Russian)
xvm-stat 1.6.0 or higher required

– minimap: label of observer vehicle is no longer rotating with icon
– minimap: some interface object are no longer overlapping zoomed minimap
– minimap: fixed players death log list positioning while minimap is zoomed
– minimap: fixed work when there is only one player in enemy team
– hitlog: damage to drowned units is not taken into account anymore

– minimap: shapes attached to vehicles are removed on player death
– minimap: code refactoring
– minimap: labels are detached from icons to lower layer
– minimap: shapes work in all locales without xvm-stat.exe
– squad window: work in all locales

Download XVM 4.1.0

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