XVM 4.0.0 (WoT client 0.8.6)

What’s new in XVM 4.0.0?

– adaptation to WoT 0.8.6

– transparency statistics macros ({{a:xwn}},…)
– ability to set colors for vehicle type markers (macros for dynamic colors can be used)
– new option: hangar/hideTutorial
– filter by tanks in the own hangar in the Achievements window
– separate settings for self and squadman damage text
– filter by tank name in the Achievements window
– new option: userInfo/inHangarFilterEnabled – enable “In hangar” check box by default
– switch in user info window: [show] in hangar, player tanks, all tanks
– expertPanel mod; see battle.xc
– cluster responce time table at login and hangar (ping);
“pingServers” section at login.xc and hangar.xc config files
– hitlog: shows enemy HP left (markers which were visible) on Alt press;
hitlog.xc: “hpLeft”: “true”
– show ping at the game loading screen; login.xc/pingServers

– fixed rare condition when wrong minimap lost marker was deleted
– minimap zoom: disabled while chatting; hotkeys.xc config comment about supported keys is updated
– minimap: fix issues at Fisherman’s bay map for EN\US locale users without xvm-stat.exe
– some other fixes

– new config format (now config is loading from res_mods/xvm/xvm.xc)
– removed legacy support for OTMData.xml config
– config version changed to 4.0.0
– special scheme name for tag: xvmres:// – path relative to res_mods/xvm/res folder
for example:
– minimap: deustch locale support without xvm-stat.exe

Download XVM 4.0.0

One thought on “XVM 4.0.0 (WoT client 0.8.6)

  1. Kim Jeong Hoon

    when i use XVM editor in “http://www.modxvm.com/en/xvm-xvm-xvmconf-configuration-editor/”, everytime i see this messages “cannot find root config element (“configversion”) must be present” and i can’t use XVM editor. how i can solve this problem? XVM mode is working good.


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