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What’s new in XVM

  • Fixed level of battles for 3rd level equipment
  • Fixed compatibility with some antivirus and debuggers
  • Correcting the display of the day of the week in a date
  • Added ears, battle loading and statistics in rank battles
  • Added options in the battleLoading section, battleLoadingTips and statisticForm:
    “RemoveRankBadgeIcon” – hide badge badge icon display
  • Added a new type of “badge” field in the sections “playersPanel” / “standardFields”
  • Added options in the sections of the “playersPanel” modes:
    “RankBadgeXOffsetLeft” – offset of the X coordinate for the badge rank field
    “RankBadgeXOffsetRight” is the offset of the X coordinate for the rank badge field
    “RankBadgeWidth” – the width of the field of the badge of rank[LOG OF DAMAGES]
  • Added macros: {{Rank-level}} – rank level
    {{RankBadgeId}} – the id of the player’s rank badge
    Macros are deleted for the “Tank Asy” event

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