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XVM 5.4.0 (WoT client 0.9.3)

What’s new in 5.4.0?

— new mod: xvm-comments, allow to change nicks of the friends and add comments.
— removed section “rating” – replaced with network services settings in the personal cabinet
— removed options “showChances”, “showChancesLive” – moved to personal cabinet
— changed token location, now it is stored in the user preferences:
You need to reactivate XVM services (use “Add client” button in the personal cabinet on the www.modxvm.com site). You can remove res_mods/xvm/db/ folder.
— added option battleLoading/darkenNotReadyIcon for customize icons are not ready players
— added options pingServers/leading and pingServers/topmost
— carousel: added macro {{v.selected}}, returns ‘sel’ for selected, empty for others
— playersPanel: in extra fields added options “scaleX” and “scaleY”
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XVM 5.3.5 (WoT client 0.9.3)

What’s new in 5.3.5?

— adaptation to WoT 0.9.3
— dmg-kind values changed: shot, fire, ramming, world_collision, death_zone, drowning, other
— new sections: hangar/carousel
– extended tank carousel settings hangar/clock
– hangar clock settings
— removed options: hangar/masteryMarkInCarousel hangar/hideTutorial
— new options:
battleResults/showTotalExperience – Display total experience in After Battle Screen
battleResults/showCrewExperience – Display crew experience in After Battle Screen
— player icon by accountId – loading from \res_mods\xvm\res\clanicons\ID\
Search order is:
id -> nick -> clan -> clan/default.png -> nick/default.png
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