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[9.18] XVM Config 6.6.4 by J1mB0

J1mB0's XVM Config 22

“J1mB0″ – the most popular player in the EU / NA server. He created the stunning sights, icons for World of tanks. Now we present to your attention XVM Config by J1mB0 for World Tanks 0.9.18.
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XVM 6.4.6 (WoT 0.9.16)

What’s new in XVM 6.4.6?

– adaptation to WoT 0.9.16
– fixed WorldOfTanks mods compatibility with Microsoft Windows NT 5.x (XP, XP 64-bit, Server 2003)
–  added default value for “carousel”/”rows” option: 0 – use client settings
– added new options in the “carousel” section:
“cellType” – type of cells – “default” (depends from window size), “normal” or “small”
– added new sections in the “carousel” section:
“normal” – normal cells settings
“small” – small cells settings
– sections “padding”, “fields” and “extraFields” moved from “carousel” to
“carousel”/”normal” and “carousel”/”small” sections to allow separate settings
– added new options in the “carousel”/”normal” and “carousel”/”small” sections:
“width” – cell width
“height” – cell height
– option “carousel”/”zoom” removed (“width” and “height” allow to do the same)
– section “padding” replaced with option “gap”
– created separate files for carousel cell types: “carouselNormal.xc”, “carouselSmall.xc”
– battleLabels: added events:
PY(event_name) – event from python, sent by as_event(event_name)
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