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What’s new in XVM

* removed minimap square
* added global macros: {{my-veh-id}}, {{my-vehicle}}, {{my-vehiclename}}, {{my-vehicle-short}}, {{my-vtype}}, {{my-vtype-l}}, {{my-vtype-key}}, {{c:my-vtype}}, {{my-battletier-min}}, {{my-battletier-max}}, {{my-nation}}, {{my-level}}, {{my-rlevel}} * allow global macros usage in the minimap circles and lines
* added config section “battle”/”camera” for camera settings (zoom)
* new option “sounds”/”sixthSenseRudy” – sixth sense sound for Rudy
* bugs fixed
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XVM 6.1.6 Stable

What’s new in XVM 6.1.6 Stable?

– adaptation to WoT 0.9.12

– added options: “carousel”/”scrollingSpeed”

– carousel scrolling speed “carousel”/”backgroundAlpha”

– background transparency

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