Installation and Settings

Installing and configuring the XVM

Setting XVM mod does not take much of your time, but the setting – it’s all up to you.

For a start we download mods in the section of loadings

We unpack archive and we place all files fashion on such way: …/World_of_Tanks/

That’s all mod installed and you can now use it to full.

Setting mode:

To adjust mod under itself there are two options:

– To pick up and download already ready configuration of XVM in the necessary section of a site.

– To create the by means of the visual editor of configs.



Well, and if at you it turns out nothing, you can always use the automatic fitter of XVM Updater.

4 thoughts on “Installation and Settings

  1. Bedwyr

    I am unable to get the stats to work on the Test version of 5.0.2

    I can get all the other parts of the XVM to work any suggestions would be helpful


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