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XVM Config for World of Tanks


Hawg’s Alternative XVM 9.20.1

Here is one more XVM config for you. Hawg’s Alternative XVM. If you install mod for youself you can have:

– match real countours

– real time frag icons

– good trackers

– 4 row carousel

– minimalistic battle loading

– hitlog

– hitpoints trackers
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[] XVM Config by Bones

Here is one more XVM config for you from Bones. It has such features:

– WN8 player stats

– WN6 player stats

– Minimap with Max Draw Range, view range circle for all tanks, angles.

– Minimap that can changed within the config

– Your and Enemy HP
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[9.8] dirtyred’s XVM


Hello everyone,

Player “dirtyred” created this “XVM config” exclusively for themselves. But as soon as his friends saw him XVM, then immediately asked to upload it to the network. Indeed, such a configuration deserves to be established in each tankers. This mod is compatible with the latest 0.9.8 update
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