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Updates XVM & XVM-STAT & Clan icons & xvmfs

XVM 6.8.0 for WOT 9.19.1

What’s new in XVM 6.8.0?

    – The training ground temporarily does not work and is disabled
    – Crash the client when entering the battle if the operating system is Microsoft Windows XP.
    – patch World of Tanks 9.19.1
  • [XFW]
    – The client is compatible with python-debuggers based on PyDebugAttach (for example, Microsoft PTVS)
    – The {{type-shell-key}} macro is added
    – Added macros:
    {{Battletype-key}} – name of the key of the current battle type table
    {{Premium}}, {{my-premium}} – ‘premium’ for premium equipment, empty – for conventional
    {{HasBadges}} – ‘true’ if at least one player in the team has a badge, otherwise empty
    {{Friend}} – the player is on the Friends list
    {{Ignored}} – the player is in the ignore list
    {{Muted}} – the player is locked chat for the duration of the current battle
    {{Chatban}} – the player has been blocked by IM globally moderators
    – Added parameter “selfIconColor” – the color for the arrow of the selected tank
  • [HANGAR]
    – The {{battletype-key}} macro can be used in the hangar
  • [CAROUSEL] Added macros:
    {{V.rankCount}} – rank obtained in ranking battles for the tank
    {{V.rankSteps}} – the number of completed steps to the next rank on the tank
    {{V.rankStepsTotal}} – the total number of steps to the next rank on the tank
    – Improved automatic location of WoT client
  • [OTHER]
    – Removed the functions of the company mode (in connection with the removal from the client)

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What’s new in XVM

  • Fixed level of battles for 3rd level equipment
  • Fixed compatibility with some antivirus and debuggers
  • Correcting the display of the day of the week in a date
  • Added ears, battle loading and statistics in rank battles
  • Added options in the battleLoading section, battleLoadingTips and statisticForm:
    “RemoveRankBadgeIcon” – hide badge badge icon display
  • Added a new type of “badge” field in the sections “playersPanel” / “standardFields”
  • Added options in the sections of the “playersPanel” modes:
    “RankBadgeXOffsetLeft” – offset of the X coordinate for the badge rank field
    “RankBadgeXOffsetRight” is the offset of the X coordinate for the rank badge field
    “RankBadgeWidth” – the width of the field of the badge of rank[LOG OF DAMAGES]
  • Added macros: {{Rank-level}} – rank level
    {{RankBadgeId}} – the id of the player’s rank badge
    Macros are deleted for the “Tank Asy” event

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XVM 6.7.3 for WOT

What’s new in XVM 6.7.3 ?


  • World of Tanks, a micro patch dated June 8, 2017


  • Added the option “hangar / hangarType” with the values: none (default), “premium” and “basic”
  • Added a section “hangar / camera” with the parameters:
  • “MinDistance” – the minimum distance
  • “MaxDistance” – maximum distance
  • “StartDistance” – initial distance
  • “ZoomSensitivity” – camera approach sensitivity (less – slower)
  • Sorting the parameters in the hangar.xc file
  • Fixed the work of the option “defaultBoughtForCredits”
  • Fixed display of free experience in the research window

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