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XVM 7.8.0 for 1.4.0 WOT


  • updated XVM for version 1.4.0
  • updated HP mod commands;
  • The mode of switching the rating in the hangar does not work yet;


XVM is the most important mod for many tankers. According to statistics from the XVM site, it is used daily by more than three and a half million players around the world. Its popularity is due to the fact that it gives the opportunity to see the following information:

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XVM 7.7.0 for 1.1.0 WOT


  • on the battle loading screen, the prior art can be displaced along the vertical axis
  • There is no player statistics on the Tab key


  • World of Tanks 1.1.0


  • Redesigned package loading algorithm
  • the file format “xfw_package.swf” was updated:
    – added the “wot_version_min” and “wot_version_exactmatch” fields to set the target version of the game client
    – in the field “dependencies_optional” you can now use a mask, for example “com.modxvm.xfw.wotfix. *”
  • XFW.Native updated to version 1.3.1-65
    – Added support for subscriptions to certain D3D9 and DXGI functions
  • actionscript files are placed in a separate package “com.modxvm.xfw.actionscript”

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