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XVM 6.3.0

What’s new in XVM 6.3.0?

* adaptation to WoT 0.9.15 [MAJOR UPDATES]

* added new type of macro – dynamic macros calculated in the python: python functions are loaded from res_mods/configs/py_macro/*.py with decorator @xvm.export(a, b) E. g. get %SUP for xTE: {{py:xvm.xvm2sup(‘{{xte}}’)|==}} res_mods/configs/py_macro/ xvm2sup = […] @xvm.export(‘xvm’, ‘xvm2sup’) def XvmScaleToSup(x=None): if x is None or x == ”: return None x = 100 if x == ‘XX’ else int(x) return xvm2sup[max(0, min(100, x-1))]
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