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XVM 6.1.3 (WoT client 0.9.9)

What’s new in XVM 6.1.3?

— adaptation to WoT 0.9.9 *
new feature: similar to servers ping, added servers online (login page and hangar)
— new feature: mark tanks as “reserve”, it will be hidden unless set in
— renamed config option: blockVehicleIfNoAmmo -> blockVehicleIfLowAmmo
— new optiom
“hangar”/”lowAmmoPercentage” – Below this percentage ammo is low. (0 – 100)
“hAlign”, “vAlign” – added horizontal and vertical alignments for xvm_ping and xvm_online in hangar and login, for pingServers and onlineServers added:
“showTitle” – show title of list “markCurrentServer” – mark current server in the list (not available at login screen)
“battle”/”fragCorrelation”/”sortByType” – sort markers in frags panel by type
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