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XVM 5.5.0 (WoT client 0.9.5)

What’s new in XVM 5.5.0?

— adaptation to Wot 0.9.5
— Macro in macro allowed: {{xvm-stat?{{alive?80|30}}|0}}
— added texts/spotted section with text replacements for vehicle spotted status.
Available values:
for usual vehicle: “neverSeen”, “lost”, “revealed”, “dead”
for arty: “neverSeen_arty”, “lost_arty”, “revealed_arty”, “dead_arty”
— added new macros:
{{language}} – player’s client language
{{region}} – current game region (RU, EU, NA, CN, ASIA, VTC, KR, CT)
{{spotted}} with values from texts/spotted section
{{c:spotted}}, {{a:spotted}} for color and transparency by spotted status
— removed section playersPanel/enemySpottedMarker (use extra fields with {{spotted}} macro instead)
— added new option to extraFields: “bindToIcon” – if enabled, x position is binded to vehicle icon (default false)
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XVM (WoT client 0.9.4)

What’s new in

—  fixed small bugs

—  new in-battle macros:
{{selected}} – value ‘sel’ for selected player, empty for others
{{xvm-stat}} – value ‘stat’ is statistic is active, empty if not
{{position}} – position of the player in the beginning of the battle (1-15)
—  added individual system colors for bases: colors/system/ally_base and colors/system/enemy_base
—  added option playersPanel/removeSelectedBackground – disable background of the selected player
—  added option autoReloadConfig – monitor res_mods/xvm/configs/ directory for changes and automatically reload config (currently only in hangar). Disabled by default, can reduce performance.
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